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Paal Kozhukattai Recipe

Yields1 Serving

Welcome to the world of Hotspot Kitchen to enjoy and relish the authentic and traditional South Indian Cuisine, with Paal Kozhukattai, today’s special recipe.
This traditional recipe, Paal Kozhukattai, has an authentic flavour of Tamil Culture. Paal Kozhukattai is a special dish mainly prepared during Vinayagar Chaturthi and is very special for Vinayagar. The Tamil cultured Paal Kozhukattai is easy to prepare and today we’re going to see how to prepare this in your kitchen. Okay, Readers, shall we enter Hotspot Kitchen to know the preparation method of Paal Kozhukattai, the authentic Tamil Cuisine.

Ingredients for Paal Kozhukattai Recipe
Now, we will have a look at the necessary ingredients for Paal Kozhukattai.
 250 g Rice Flour
 400 g Jaggery
 250 ml Milk
 250 ml Coconut Milk
 1 qt Dry Ginger
 4 qts Cardamom
 Pepper, as required
 2 tsp Sugar
 Salt for taste
 Edible Oil, as required
Method of Preparation for Paal Kozhukattai Recipe
Now we get in with the preparation of Paal Kozhukattai.

As a first step in Paal Kozhukattai Preparation, we have to prepare Jaggery molasses.


The second step: Dough preparation. Boil water in a vessel; add salt, sugar and oil. Let the solution boil well.


Use the boiled water and prepare the dough. Roll the dough into small balls.


Take 3 cups of water in a wide vessel and heat. When the water boil, add the balls and make sure that balls don’t touch each other.


Allow the balls to cook in high flame for 10 minutes. When the balls float, it indicates they’re cooked well.


Prepare a solution with 2 spoons of rice flour and mix it to the boiling water to give it a thick texture.


Grind cardamom, pepper and dry ginger to a fine powder and add a teaspoon of it to the boiling Kozhukattai Mixture.


Add milk and coconut milk to the mixture.


After adding coconut milk, put off the stove.


Now, the traditional and authentic delicious Paal Kozhukattai is ready to be served hot.