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Chinthamani chicken Recipe

Yields1 ServingPrep Time10 minsCook Time20 minsTotal Time30 mins

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Chintamani Chicken

Ingredients for Chinthamani Chicken / Spicy Juicy Chicken:
 ½ kg Boneless Chicken
 ¼ kg Shallot (chopped)
 15 qts Red chilli (deseeded)
 3 tsp Gingelly Oil
 Salt, for taste
Method of Preparation for Chinthamani chicken

Clean and prepare the boneless chicken in small pieces.


Iron pan is the best utensil to prepare Chinthamani Chicken, since it’s a heat retention capacity, which helps in the quick cooking of chicken and consequently gives a nice flavour to Chinthamani Chicken.


Add gingelly oil to the iron pan; add chopped shallot to the hot oil. You should be careful not to add ginger garlic paste to the Chicken, since it will spoil the flavour of Chinthamani Chicken.


When the shallot turns brown, add the deseeded red chillies and the chicken pieces to the pan and let them cook. No water should be added to the chicken and it has to be cooked with the juice extracts out of the chicken.


When the chicken cooks to some extent, close the pan with lid. You should check frequently that the chicken is boiled well and if necessary, add some water and let the chicken cook.


When the chicken is boiled well, the Chinthamani Chicken / Spicy Juicy Chicken is ready to be served to the appease your mouth and belly.